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Beginning January 2012, MCB is establishing an annual contribution for communities to participate in the Missouri Community Betterment Program.

Why is it needed?

The MCB Board is working towards creating a variety of funding streams that will help move MCB towards a sustainable funding base. Funding streams already being utilized include:

Sponsors - approximately $30,000 annually
Friends of MCB - $1,500 annually
Live Auction and Trivia night at MCB conference - $800 - 1,500 annually
Silent Auction - $1,000 annually
MCB Board members' personal financial commitments - $8,000 annually
Neighborhood Assistance Program - $200,000 of donations through tax credits from 7/11 to 6/14
We anticipate raising approximately $8,000- $10,000 from 2012 community participation fees.

Why is it important to have MCB communities pay the participation fee?

"Buy-in" from participating communities shows a commitment not only to your community, but also to assisting other communities through MCB services; "Buy-in" of your community sends a positive message as the MCB Board approaches other potential sponsors/funders. We aren't asking for their support before first committing our own financial support from MCB Board members, friends, and now participating communities. Being a participating MCB community tells the world "you are a 'Can-Do' Community!

What benefits will you get for contributing this participation fee?

  • Reduced rates to attend the 2012 MCB conference and awards banquet

  • Reduced rates to attend the 2012 MCB spring training sessions

  • Reduced rates for "technical assistance" visits by MCB Executive Director, Jan Simon. (The 1st visit for participating communities is "free.")

  • Unlimited Access to all resources on the MCB web-site. Effective February, 2012 only "participating" communities will have access to: 1) the "Resource Directory", 2) the"Community Project Matrix", 3) information on how to form a 501 c 3, and 4) sample bylaws.

For communities, the 2012 MCB Community Participation fee will be:

0 - 1,000 population = $100
1,001 - 7,499 population = $250
7,500 population + = $400

(This fee is for the entire community to participate in MCB during calendar year 2012.)

Communities will need to have paid the fee prior to June 30, 2012 to enter the 2012 MCB competition, and be eligible to submit a report book and receive a Judges' visit.

Please do not forget that any community is eligible to participate in the request for assistance in finding funding streams for your projects through the MO Rural Funding Team. Please contact John Gulick at, or at 573-876-9304 for more information.

Questions may be directed to MCB Executive Director, Jan Simon at 417-334-3474 or MCB is a group of "proactive" communities, each improving their own community and thereby collectively improving Missouri. Join us in improving the quality of life for all Missourians.

Please forward 2012 community participation fees to:

MCB c/o Jan Simon 1702 Cedar Ridge Way, Branson West, MO 65737
Checks should be made out to "MCBEF" (Missouri Community Betterment Educational Fund) with a note in the memo field designating payment as the "2012 Community Participation Fee." (Jan will acknowledge receipt of any participation fees by the community.)


Working together, Jan Simon, MCB Ex. Dir.



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